Medical schools are home to many of our world’s brightest minds and most skilled, capable teams. Yet navigating accreditation, program design and optimization, strategic planning and the rapidly shifting landscape of health care and medical education can challenge even the most experienced, expert leaders and professionals.
We take pride in our integrity and commitment to the accreditation process. This dedication and expertise leads us to a superior strategy that is custom to the needs of your school.

Our medical education consultants are senior leaders who bring decades of experience in healthcare, graduate and undergraduate medical education, and deep expertise in medical education program accreditation, medical school startup, strategy and implementation, and institutional leadership development.

We work with you and your needs to determine our strategy, from the selection of the consultant team working with you towards accreditation success, to addressing the special needs of your school.

Supporting Leaders in Medical Education

We guide universities, medical schools, and other healthcare-related organizations in the U.S. and around the world through robust medical education assessment and continuous quality improvement. 

The Right Approach for Your Institution

We have experience with multiple systems of accreditation, and we work with U.S.-based and international medical education programs to successfully navigate accreditation. We help our clients use the process to strengthen their educational programs. 


Accreditation Support and Medical Education Consulting