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U.S. medical education accreditation


Make accreditation work for you

We believe accreditation of U.S. undergraduate and graduate medical education programs through the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) or the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) is one of the most important mechanisms available to improve, ensure and demonstrate quality in medical education.

We help schools prepare for LCME accreditation and support residency programs through ACGME accreditation and reaccreditation. We also help medical schools and residency programs to use accreditation standards coupled with continuous quality improvement as part of their institutional strategy for success. Wherever you are in your accreditation journey, whether just starting on reaccreditation, preparing for a site visit or grappling with challenges, we can help you make accreditation work for your institution.

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LCME accreditation

Thoughtful, ongoing preparation for accreditation leads to positive outcomes. As part of our accreditation consulting we  offer services that include preparation for an effective self-study, mid-cycle review, gap analysis, mock site visits and assistance with linking continuous quality improvement to accreditation.   

We help institutions prepare for accreditation site visits.  We review documents, interview teams, assess readiness, and provide helpful insights that assist in the accurate and positive presentation of your program.  

We also assist programs and schools in creating action plans when they are faced with challenges. Wherever you are on your accreditation journey, we can help


GME programs

ACGME Sponsorship Accreditation


Submitting an application to become a sponsoring institution for GME can be daunting. The ACGME accreditation process is about much more than the application. It is about knowing the goals of the medical residency program and working internally with a broad group of health care professionals and administrators to create an environment where residents will thrive.

Our team-based approach

Making sure that all involved individuals and groups understand their role in ACGME accreditation and in supporting medical residents is crucial from the start. We work with the Designated Institutional Official (DIO) and the GME Committee to establish a common understanding of the requirements for sponsoring a residency program.  In addition, MSA Group consultants facilitate engagement across the institution to gain understanding and buy-in to support successful ACGME accreditation and a thriving residency program.

Avoiding pitfalls

Residency program policy requirements are very specific, covering everything from contracts and fatigue mitigation to promotion and how to handle grievances. We can provide advice on policies and review them against the standards.

Similarly, submission of the Program Information Form (PIF) is time consuming and labor intensive. MSA Group’s experts can serve as another pair of hands and eyes for the program director in assembling the documents necessary for the PIF. We create and oversee implementation of timelines and to-do lists, guiding your team through all the steps from Match Day to the arrival of new residents.  

We also help organizations prepare for accreditation-related site visits.