MSA Group consultants and their partners across the field have the experience and expertise to meet a variety of needs in their work with medical education institutions. Whether you’ve encountered unexpected challenges during the accreditation process, need guidance as you build out a new program or are seeking leadership support, MSA Group can help.


Accreditation Consulting

We can step in at the start of this process or midstream when challenges have arisen. Our goal is to help you make this process work for you, by preparing you to achieve full accreditation, but also to leverage this process for continuous quality improvement at your institution. We do this through orientation sessions for your faculty and team; mid-cycle gap analysis; review of self-study documents; mock site visits; assistance in your response to accreditation agency findings; assistance as you link your accreditation work with your continuous quality improvement goals; and strategic planning.

Preparation for site visits

A positive medical school accreditation site visit is key to success. We review documents, interview teams, assess readiness and provide insight that will ensure your program is positioned for accurate and favorable representation. Mock site visits enable you to test, troubleshoot and maximize readiness.

New school and program development

Starting a new medical school or a new program within a medical school is no small feat. MSA Group consultants have been through these processes multiple times ourselves, and we’ve continued to assist clients through them. We can help US and international universities, and medical schools identify the path to success.

Turning bad news into great results

Even the best institutions encounter problems and roadblocks. We help you see the opportunity in these moments, from a negative accreditation decision to a high-profile faculty or leadership issue, and we assist your institution to resolve the issue and grow. 


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Wherever you are on your accreditation journey, we can help.