Approach to Consultation is Evolving

Medical education professionals around the world are committing to accreditation through agencies recognized by the World Federation for Medical Education. These professionals understand that the quality of physician education and training is critically important to the quality of patient care. However, navigating new processes and standards can be challenging.  

At MSA Group, we believe medical education accreditation is one of the most important tools institutions have for demonstrating commitment to excellence. Accreditation standards align with key measures of medical education quality. Programs that build compliance with these standards into their institutional DNA will be positioned for success. 

Leverage accreditation to build a thriving program

Many international medical schools are pursuing accreditation from World Federation for Medical Education-recognized accreditors,  as a mechanism to demonstrate their attention to quality education and to enhance their education programs.     

As MSA Group clients are engaging with new accreditation agencies and processes, there is understandably some uncertainty and trepidation as they embark on these journeys. Our medical education accreditation consultants provide support, guidance and expertise throughout the process.

Our experience with multiple international systems of accreditation including the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and Other Health Professions (CAAM-HP) and the Accreditation Commission on Colleges of Medicine (ACCM) enables our clients to leverage these processes to meet their goals, improve education and build thriving programs. 

We have worked with international organizations and medical schools to:

  • Speaking and consultation
  • Pro Bono and Volunteer, World’s Federation of Medical Education
  • Present accreditation-related education 
  • Set up self-study processes for initial accreditation
  • Prepare for a site visit
  • Establish quality improvement systems grounded in accreditation standards
  • Developing action plans to address issues that emerge during the accreditation process
  • Achieving both medical school and higher education accreditation


Accreditation Support and Medical Education Consulting